Here at CTA Pools, we have the ability to completely design your dream pool from the ground up on the computer first, before actually beginning any of the construction. Our designers use only the latest design studio software and CAD programs, powered by our extensive computer network to produce detailed architectural drawings. This, intern, gives you as the future owner a wonderful picture of what your backyard will look like when it's done, before we ever start. By using this process, changes such as the location of a waterfall can be made almost instantly.
We first sit down with you for a consultation to get an idea of what it is you want for your back yard. Then we begin the initial design process and develop a preliminary template on computer based on our initial consultation. We then present our computer design template(s) to you; it is through this process that together we design the backyard of your dreams. The power of the computer enables us to make instantaneous changes to your design until it is too your liking, while at the same time, our experts will be making suggestions which facilitate the process.

We look forward to designing your dream pool together!